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Delhi & Amritsar International Airports  – Serving The NH54 Guest House

  • Distance From NH54 Guest House:  Delhi 350km / Amritsar 175km
  • Commuting Time:  Delhi 8-10hrs Coach / 7-8hrs Rail / Amritsar 4-5hrs

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Gurdwara Har Mandir Istri Sahib >  (The One Lord’s Abode)

This Unique place of worship & pilgrimage in the World, has been built by the owner of the NH54 Guest House.

Pros > Private Owned Property (L)

Here any race or caste from India or Overseas can come, see, listen to the services by the host during their stay, say their prayers in their own language and religion if they so wish, stay as long as they desire within the temple during their visit. It’s self-service and all the main religious books are available for viewing on digital screens without any need for a preacher, priest or rituals. Totally free no money collection boxes, touts or donations will be asked by Anyone and you are a ‘free visitor’ to The Lord’s House.

Built for my late mother in 2007 & the first ladies Gurdwara of the World, its a mesmerising experience, peaceful ambience, studio rooms for hire or purchase with a fitted kitchenette personal bathroom at the guest house, lounge area, banquet hall & conference room, green environment and cleanliness, worthy of any one who wants to learn about The One Invisible God Only and the true purpose of human life. Guaranteed to bring ‘true love’ for The Lord in anyone’s heart, mind and soul.

Cons >

None – 100%

Q. What is purpose of this ‘place of worship’?

Overseas visitors can visit this place of worship and learn about how to ‘awaken and be enlightened in the spirit soul’ to The Lord Creator from supreme divine hymns, which are discoursed during your stay. This is not pre-programmed or rehearsed its randomly suited to each individuals needs. Any religious affiliation you have is not, I repeat not changed or demanded to alter. You are to remain as you are and were created, but you may learn, absorb and analyze or test divine knowledge gained here to elevaite your mind. This process if any, is for self-realization and the parting from Sins. The soul is fed and given drink of spiritual knowledge, unseen unheard or unknown by the mind to awaken it from blindness and sleep.


” You are an image of The Lord Creator, a seed of Truth, but because of worldly sins, trespass, crime, corruption, bad, lies, deceit, cleverness, fraud, slander, abuse, anger, greed, emotions, lust, egoism and vice, your soul has been blackened, its blind and in darkness. The blend of oil and water needs to be separated again, for the soul to awaken and shine for The Creator, not Anyone else” !


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Wagha Border – India v Pakistan Border
  • Distance From NH54 Guest House:   160 km (350km round trip)
  • Commuting Time:  3hrs (12hrs round trip with showtime)

This so-called Wagha border has existed ever since 1959. It follows a dramatic and violent partitioning of British India in 1947 that led to the creation of the two nations as we know it today. The hostility that remains, can clearly be seen during a carefully choreographed ritual of military bombast. It lasts for a small hour and ultimately leads to a delicate ceremony of lowering the two national flags. Every day thousands of patriots (and then some tourists) travel from far and beyond to the border located between Amritsar and Lahore. The main attraction is watching the soldiers as they battle it out to see who can show the most aggressive pose of all. Yes, as weird as it sounds, but they raised this to an art form on its own, it even involves a one-legged man.

Amritsar – Golden Temple

  • Distance From NH54 Guest House:  Amritsar 175km
  • Commuting Time:  Amritsar 4-5hrs

Pros >

Built in the late fifteen hundreds by the fourth & fifth spiritual Gurus of the Sikhs it near Amritsar & the international airport. It world renowned and serves as a place of pilgrimage has many other features attached like museums, shops, institutions etc.

It was established as a base for instructing the State & country castes and races, the divine knowledge, wisdom and truth of Our One Invisible Creator, the Most Profound, Infinite, All Knowledged, Limitless, Unapproachable and Wondrous Lord. The divine knowledge, wisdom and truth is contained in the Spiritual Guru Granth Sahib was given as a True Light to the World. No lies, fraud, deceit, slander, trickery, nothing hidden or anyone in the World blamed or targeted.

All the other religions of the World are acknowledged in it. Langar or food for travellers always “on” and service is by volunteers.

Cons >

Extended queues, crowding, man-made religious rituals practices traditions garb enforced, traffic jams, taxis, pollution & fortress consigned. Crime is minimal & CCTV present. Mis-management & other issues degrades its repute. Rote scripture reading, the singing of praises to extort money, collection boxes, donations, tips, some corruption by scrupulous servants, touts & theft may occasionally occur. The area is confiscated and not legalised property, armed personnel deters visitors to a holy place.

Other Destinations in Punjab & India

Visitors from overseas can visit other neighbouring states using private hired taxis or coaches. We will arrange any booking of hotels you may need and you can relax, enjoy the visit in comfort.

  • Jallianwala Bagh (Open September 2021)
  • Virasat-e-Khalsa

  • Partition Museum Amritsar

  • British Fortress Bathinda & Markets