Conference Hall S2

Conference Hall S2

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Conference Hall

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The Conference Hall / Afternoon Session (S2)

1130am – 0330pm

Planning a company or department meeting / get together / conference / or discuss issues, then book our new refurbished conference room with AC, lounge area nearby, hospitality and importantly privacy, away from the city. Sited 16km outside Bathinda city, we are offering you this facility on a session basis basis (4hrs per session & you can book one or all per day – price shown per session). Light refreshments or a meal, we will gadly arrange for you in the dining hall or in the room. No need to rush around, just fill in the form, book your event and set the date of your get together. Or give us a call or email us, and make a date.

Choose Session Times

If you book more than one session in any given day, then a 50% discount will be applied to the 2nd or 3rd sessions. A separate booking and invoice is required for each session to gain the discount, choose which session you need (S1,S2,S3) from the product list.

  • Morning Session (S1) / 7am – 11am
  • Afternoon Session (S2) / 11.30am – 3.30pm
  • Evening Session (S3) / 4pm – 8pm

Kit Available For Use In Conference Room

  • LED Smart TV Screen – first option presentations from laptop, tablet or pendrive.
  • Conference Table – can seat 16 executives with power connections for laptops / tablets.
  • Discussion Area – separate side sofa arrangement for private discussion or interview.
  • Projector & Screen –  Word, Powerpoint, PDF, Pics, Video presentations from laptop / tablets.
  • Tea / Coffee Maker – make your own refreshing coffee / tea / biscuits for all present.
  • Wi-Fi – for internet use on LED TV or mobiles / tablets / laptops.
  • Recording – PC and Mic available to record meeting for discussion & review.
  • Refreshments / Meals – order meals or refreshments if needed with service.
  • Gallery – take a grand view of the site.
  • Printer- for hard copies, legal work after agenda presentation or discussion.

** – Technical services in the conference are chargeable separately.