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House Rules

  1. NH54 Guest House is a privately owned & operated property (family orientated) under sole proprietorship. We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone we deem ‘unfit, unlawful or refuses to abide by our house rules, policies displayed on this website (https://nh54ghouse.com) which are also applicable on site and code of conduct’.
  2. We will forcefully evict and or take legal action against any guest for refusing to pay for our services, who behave unruly, disorderly and are abusive to all others or intoxicated.
  3.  It is mandatory for all guests to individually present valid photo identification at the time of check-in & registration. According to government regulations, a valid photo ID / address proof has to be carried by every person above the age of 12 staying at hotels or guest houses.
  4. The identification proofs accepted here is Aadhaar Card, Driving License or a valid Passport. Without an original copy of a valid ID, the guest(s) will not be allowed to check-in. Fill in the details requested on the booking form and re-produce it at the reception or you may email, Whatsapp it for the booking.
  5. Couples sharing a room must be husband / wife and children related by identification. You will be requested by staff to prove your relationship and it’s advisable to carry such identification. Room sharing by single girls or boys or single men or women is wholly at the discretion of management, due to a place of worship on site. Paying guests booking a room for business, training, study or visitations should provide a permit, admit card or letter or course admission.
  6. Quiet hours are from 8pm to 8am, when no room service or leaving the site is permitted (buy your own from local market stores or malls from city). Due to Covid-19 these restrictions are for your safety & care.
  7. Rooms cannot be used for any violence, terrorism, extortion, solicitation, prostitution or long term stay under any circumstances. Any child must be accompanied by their parent only.
  8. Booking timings are between 8am-4pm only. All bookings must be made via our website for accounting purposes and verification. You can also pay here and fill out your details on this online form: https://form.jotform.com/202178919286466
  9. Bookings are not transferable and guest visitors are not permitted under any circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the country. Any occupation after the booking period will be unauthorized and you may in the extreme be forcibly evicted if occupation persists or arrested.
  10. You are responsible for the safety of yourself & your belongings at all times whilst residing in the guest house, and valuables may be stored at the site admin office / reception.
  11. You are responsible for your health during your stay and if in need of medical attention, contact the admin office / reception or hospital or emergency services. We have first-aid available free.
  12. CCTV is in operation throughout the site. Wi-Fi available on Smart TV.
  13. All the rooms are sound-proofed and guests must not make too much noise or play loud music in their rooms disturbing the peace of others, including the lounge. A banquet hall is available for partying or receptions and this can be used till 9-10pm.
  14. Cleanliness is our priority; help us in keeping all rooms clean & tidy, switching off all appliances like tea maker, water heater or power points or room lights to reduce risk of fire or over-heating.
  15. We will take a liability charge for room breakage, theft and repair which will be refunded on leaving.
  16. Any breakages, repair or maintenance will be carried out by staff, just help us by reporting any matter. Please do not leave the AC or LED TV ‘on‘ if you are not in the room nor take anything away from the rooms. The staff use daily checklists for reporting, prevention and repair, and we request you to fill out the booking satisfaction forms before checking out.
  17. Personal laundry, clothes press or stitching may be requested for a small charge.
  18. The site main gates are open from 7am and closed by 9pm for guests. If you are out late due for any reason, please inform the staff accordingly. If any emergencies exist on site, guests will hear a siren / hooter and must return to their rooms.
  19. Room belongings or valuables are your responsibility and any ‘loss or theft’ is not the guest house or owner’s liability.
  20. Security of the guest house is critical to prevent damage, loss or injury, its imperative you follow these rules, for everyone’s benefit.
  21. Rule Change – Children under the ages of 5 are now permitted in the room free with their own parents only, but pets are not allowed.
  22. Charges levied by the guest house are non-refundable, except where management deems it permissible, as per our policies.
  23. The place of worship is open for meditation, prayer and offerings during the ‘site open’ times.
  24. Dining can be requested in room or in the hall or you may go outside for a meal at your discretion. The guest house has an in-house subsidized cooking facility, with a selection of dishes displayed daily.
  25. The guest house is vegetarian, does not allow alcohol, non-vegetarian, smoking or drug use of any kind is not permitted on the site. You may consume these outside the premises or room but not the dining rooms or request staff to make anything in the detached kitchen or open site.
  26. Leave your room as you found it, clean and tidy preferably. Please adhere to this rule at all times.
  27. These rules can be changed as needed, amended or altered by the guest house administration, at any time.

  1. Site Booking Procedure
  • Office times are 8am-4pm spring, summer and autumn and 9am-4pm winter. Bookings outside these hours online or Whatsapp or email.
  • Reservation email or Whatsapp message or online booking. Registration at reception, payment, security & Covid-19 testing.
  • ID & Address Proof – (of all persons booking into rooms only, other facilities used on site one person will suffice)
  • Number of Guests / Rooms
  • Storage of Valuables (small charge)
  • Weapons of any kind are not permitted on site nor are any visitors allowed and masks must essentially be worn at all times durin Covid-19.

COVID-19 / E-Registration (Punjab)

You are advised to e-register yourself at this portal. Visitors to Punjab after lockdown was lifted are now required to ‘register’ before travelling & you will have to provide this at our guest house reception. It is your duty to do so, and we accept no liability or any responsibility, if you fail to register. Alternatively, download the COVA App & Aarogya Setu to your smart phone and do the same. Registration Eternal Link

Our Covid-19 Cleaning Policy

Each room is cleaned daily including bathroom, bed, all areas swiped with disinfectant and these items are readily available in each room. If these items are missing or used up, then visit our reception and replenish the room supply.

  • Disposable paper towels
  • Disposable gloves
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Disinfectant wipes or spray
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • Extra hand soap

We follow enhanced cleaning protocols, which was developed with expert guidance. Here are a few highlights:

  • We sanitize high-touch surfaces, down to the door-knobs.
  • We use cleaners and disinfectants approved by global health agencies, and wear protective gear to help prevent cross-contamination.
  • We clean each room using cleaning checklists.
  • We provide extra cleaning supplies, so you can keep clean as you stay.
  • We comply with local laws, including any additional safety or cleaning guidelines.

Foreigners Visiting India Hosts

Any person hosting a foreign guest for monetary consideration in India, even for a few hours, should submit C-Form. The submission of C-Form and maintenance of guest registers stems from the Foreigners Act 1946 and Registration of Foreigners Rules, 1992. These requirements extend across India, and apply to all persons who accommodate foreign guests for monetary consideration, including hotels, guest houses, lodging houses etc. The C-Form mechanism helps the authorities locate and track foreigners in India to enhance security and safety.




Last Updated July 2020