A family preferred guest house on the National Highway 54 from Bathinda towards Faridkot, Amritsar and Wagha Border / Ludhiana / Patiala / Chandigarh. A quiet private area we have AC – rooms, banquet hall, conference room, an open Sharda Tent House for social, parties, weddings, engagements, meetings etc. Overseas & medical tourists welcome.


NH54 Guest Hse / Sharda Tent House / Lok Sewa  – Summary

√   Bathroom √   Shower √   Hot Water
√   Double Bed √   Wardrobe √  Smart TV
√   Room Rate:  1500 > 1950/-
√   Breakfast: 150/+
√   Heater / AC: 500/-
√  Stage
√   DJ Sounds
√   New Toilets
√   Counters
√   Kids Free
√   Smart TV
√   Rent: From 5000/-
√   Decorations
√   Coolers: 500/-
√   Aadhaar
√   Passport √   PAN Card
√   GST Services
√   Book Tickets
√   Loan / Ins
√   Micro ATM
√   Mobile Recharge
√   Accounting / Taxation

A specially built open tent house for receptions, weddings, engagements, seminars, stage, parties, schools, training etc. With fans, lighting, coolers, catering counters, wash rooms and plenty free parking. We can accomadate anywhere from 30-150 guests at any one time. Your choice to arrange chef for serving different timely dishes to the guests, order from any nearby dhaba or even cook at home and deliver. You can arrange your own DJ sound system for using the stage, show any videos on a fitted Smart TV using WiFi or Bluetooth or Cast to Screen. Menu should be ‘vegetarian’ and you can arrange your own servers, cleaners, decorations etc. Prices start from INR 5000/- per day with children upto five yrs old free (adult count).

Use our fabulous AC banquet hall for parties, weddings or social pleasure. The hall has tables, chairs and room for over 70, a stage, screen, speakers, amplifier, mic for speeches, and entertainment purposes. You can arrange a buffet service or ask us to cater per requirement (extra charge). A sound system is provided with the booking, but you may choose your own. Prices start from INR 10000/- depending on attendance.

We have an Orane certified beauty salon on site which caters for wedding parties, film crews, receptions and ladies in our area who need a professional make-up or hair styling service. See the site menu at the top of the home page for more details (click link). Normally open by 10am, you may walk-in or book an appointment with the proprietor of the salon.

Businesses or political parties can book our conference room on an hourly basis, for meetings, planning, hiring and general puposes. Room service can be arranged for tea, coffee and meals (extra). There are normally two sessions available on any day, each session lasts about 4hours and are chargeable separately. If the meeting extends to the next day or more, we will negotiate per your use. The room has a large  Smart TV, boardroom table with fitted power points for laptops, projector screen, WiFi and can seat 15-20 clients easily. Prices start from INR 3500/-

We now offer ‘lok sewa’ to all who don’t want to travel to Bathinda spend all day in the many departments chasing people or getting documents signed or make payments. These services are for young and old in and around our area, like train / bus/ airline / ticket bookings, Aadhaar, PAN, Passport, Residence, Senior Citizen, Vote, Accounting, Loan, Mob Recharge to clients, businesses and individuals alike. Give us a call or visit our office and see what services we can offer. Newly setup and we hope to be operational by April 2024.

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The California Grand

Maggar Palace

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The first ladies Gurdwara, Har Mandir Istri Sahib in the world, built to recognize the true deeds of the sikh women throughout the Time Ages. This Gurdwara is fully digital, it has no ‘granthi, code of conduct, no rituals, no routines or donation boxes’. You can come here, meet The Guru learn about The One Lord Creator with Divine Hymns (Shabads), do prayers & praise, even get married take ‘Lahvaan’ yourselves without any need of a granthi just witnesses & solemnizer, per the Anand Marriage Act 1909/2012/2016.

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The Wedding Room

A traditionally designed sanitized room for couples celebrating weddings, anniversaries or engagments, on the first floor with a private balcony + kitchenette, giving you a bird’s eye view of the site. If you are travelling a distance for marriages to nearby palaces, refresh, recover, rest and dress up for the ocassion by booking rooms, wedding room and banquet hall for refreshments before the big date. Offer – Get 3 nights for a reduced price or book for a single night.

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